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Welcome to Chipmunks Day Nursery

Weymouth & Dorchester

Meal Times:

Staff will use meal and snack times to help children to develop independence through making choices, serving food and drink, and feeding themselves. Staff will support children to make healthy choices and understand the need for healthy eating.

Dietary Needs:

Where appropriate, we will carry out a risk assessment in the case of allergies and work alongside parents/carers to put into place an individual dietary plan for their child

Settling In:

All our staff know about the importance of building strong attachments with children. They are trained to recognise the different stages of attachment and use this knowledge to support children and families settling in to the nursery. 


At Chipmunks Day Nursery we are committed to the inclusion of all children. All children have the right to be cared for and educated to develop to their full potential alongside their peers through positive experiences, to enable them to share opportunities and experiences and develop and learn from each other.

Notice Board

Breakfast and Tea time meals are now FREE to all that pay for a full day.  This is in addition to Snacks, Cooked lunch, Milk, Formula Milk, Nappies, Wipes/creams, which are already included in the full day rate.

About Chipmunks

At Chipmunks we recognise that children learn in different ways and at different rates and plan for this accordingly. Our aim is to support all children attending the nursery to attain their maximum potential within their individual capabilities.

We provide interesting and challenging experiences that meet the needs of all children. Planning is based on a secure knowledge and understanding of how to promote the learning and development of the children and what they can achieve.

We implement the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) set by the Department for Education that sets standards to ensure all children learn and develop well. We support and enhance each child’s learning and development holistically through play-based activities. We review all aspects of learning and development while ensuring a flexible approach is maintained, which responds quickly to every child’s learning and developmental needs.

We offer a balance of child-led and adult-led play opportunities that are taken from the children’s interests and curiosity. Our approach is very much ‘in the moment’ and if we as practitioners are making a real difference to their learning then we need to seize the moment when a child first shows curiosity and support their next steps immediately.

We acknowledge parents as primary educators and encourage parental involvement as outlined in our “Parents and Carers as Partners” policy. We build strong home links in order to enhance and extend children’s learning both within the nursery environment and in the child’s home.

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What Parents Say:

Emma-Jane Stocker

Via Facebook
Absolutely amazing nursery. My son loves it here. The staff are so friendly and it's obvious my son adores them all as he can't wait to get out of his pushchair and into the playroom.
My daughter came out of nursery one afternoon and said to me, "mummy, I love my nursery☺" made me really happy!!


Thank you card
Chipmunks has been amazing. Since we moved our son to the nursery they have helped him Blossom and grow, they have also helped us to get him the help he needs for his future development. I highly recommend the nursery to anyone. So pleased we made the move. Thank you all so much.


emailed to the nursery
I can not rate Chipmunks Day Nursery enough. Our children have flourished in all aspects of learning, creativity and play. It’s the perfect setting for children to learn inside and outside, whilst having a fun and relaxing experience. The staff at Chipmunks are phenomenal and go above and beyond in all aspects of childcare and great bonds have been made. The mixed class of various abilities really help the children understand the meaning of kindness and understanding.